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Intex Swimming PoolsIntex Swimming Pools - A selection of pages about Intex swimming pools and accessories including:- Intex pool filters, Intex pool parts, Intex Easy Set pools, Intex pool supplies, Intex pool pumps and Intex pool covers.

Intex pool covers for Easy Set & metal frame pools are essential to prevent debris and unclean rain water from falling into your pool when it is not in use. They also help cut down on algae build up.

Intex Pool Cover

Intex Above Ground Pool Cover Review
Intex above ground pool covers are great for keeping out leaves and debris..not to mention cutting down on algae buildup. NOW, the problem...If it rains or water gets on top of the cover, you suddenly have many gallons of water on top of the pool's swim water. The water on top will have all the debris and leaves that you don't want in the pool. How do you get the Intex pool cover off?

NOW THE SOLUTION...Pick up a 50 foot length of thick cord(about $3) and stretch it over the top of the pool in each direction(or as many times as you wish) before putting the cover on. Now the Intex pool cover will have a support system between the cover and the pool water. If it rains, the cover will not just sink further and further down into the pool; the tiny drain holes in the cover will work and a problem will be avoided. (Taken from

15' Intex Easy Set Pool Cover

15 intex easy set pool cover (Click to enlarge)
15' Intex Easy Set pool cover
Price: $21.99
Ships to: USA
Buy online here

Intex Recreation Wet Set pool cover fits Intex 15 foot Easy Set pools. Also fits other 15 foot diameter inflatable top ring type pools. Assists in keeping debris out of pool.

All prices quoted on this page are indicative US prices at November 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

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Epinions - A user's review of Intex pool covers.

Amazon - The 15' Intex Easy Set Pool Cover can be bought from this online retailer. Ships to the USA only.

Brands On Sale - The 18' metal frame Intex pool cover is available to buy online from this website. Ships to the USA & Puerto Rico.

Cool Inflatables - The 8' Easy Set Intex pool cover can be purchased from this online retailer. Ships to the USA, Canada & Puerto Rico.

18' Intex Metal Frame Pool Cover

18 intex metal frame pool cover (Click to enlarge)
18' Intex metal frame pool cover
Price: $49.99
Ships to: USA & Puerto Rico
Buy online here

  • Durable 7 gauge vinyl
  • Rope ties
  • Drain holes to prevent water accumulation
  • For use with 18ft Intex metal framed
  • 16in overhang

8' Intex Easy Set Pool Cover

8 intex easy set pool cover (Click to enlarge)
8' Intex Easy Set pool cover
Price: $9.95
Ships to: USA, Canada & Puerto Rico
Buy online here

  • 8 Foot Cover For Round Intex Pools
  • Keep out leaves and bugs
  • Lets children know when and when
    not to go swimming
  • Helps to keep water warmer
  • Looks great on your pool

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